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Academic jobs in socio-legal studies

London_Buses_-_Route_253Explicitly socio-legal oriented academic posts seem to be like buses: you wait for ages, then two turn up at the same time (in this case, heading towards Edgbaston and Wivenhoe Park).

The School of Law at the University of Birmingham is currently advertising “Birmingham Fellows in Socio-Legal Studies” saying that it “seeks to fortify its critical mass of socio-legal academics by making an appointment in the Enhanced Early Career Lecturer scheme” adding that “Experience with both quantitative and qualitative methods would be desirable, as would experience of working in project teams”. Meanwhile, in the School of Law at the University of Essex, they are advertising a “Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Socio-Legal Studies”.

Neither post is specifically focused on administrative justice but if the new appointees are working in our field, UKAJI looks forward to collaborating with them.

About UK Administrative Justice Institute

Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, we link research, practice & policy on administrative justice in the UK


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