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Invitation to tender for market research

cropped-ukaji-logo-s.pngUKAJI invites people with relevant experience to submit quotations for carrying out the following work, which will be funded by the University of Essex:

  1. Assessment of the market in the UK for training courses (online and face-to-face) related to administrative justice
  2. Identification of possible partners for UKAJI in delivering these courses
  3. Indicative costs/income of running these courses
  4. Identifying a possible partner for events and developing a specific proposal for pilot joint event in 2016
  5. (In outline) Assessment of possible income streams from research council and other funding for research projects.
  6. (In outline) Assessment of possible income streams from consultancy and other knowledge transfer activities.

The work must be completed by the end of July 2015. Quotations should be sent to Professor Andrew Le Sueur at the School of Law, University of Essex by email (alesueur@essex.ac.uk) to arrive no later than 5 pm on Saturday 30 May 2015. The quotation document should be no longer than 4 sides of A4. Further information about UKAJI is available on its website https://ukaji.org/about/

About UK Administrative Justice Institute

Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, we link research, practice & policy on administrative justice in the UK


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