1 UKAJI: linking communities

Stakeholder mapping: Working with existing organisations, we are identifying bodies and individuals with interests in using, commissioning or facilitating research on administrative justice.

UKAJI logo sA new organisation: We have created a permanent organisation, the United Kingdom Administrative Justice Institute. UKAJI is an independent, broad-based, cross-disciplinary body focusing on research and thinking about administrative justice across the UK.

  • We link stakeholders from the worlds of academia, practice and policy-making
  • We provide a forum for the exchange and stimulation of ideas and fresh thinking
  • We bring information about administrative justice to a wider audience
  • We assist in the development of a co-ordinated research agenda.

Since we started in October 2014, we have been consulting stakeholders about UKAJI’s mission, what resources it will need, how it will be funded and led. To take part in these discussions or to share ideas, leave a reply below (which may be published) or contact

Sally Barrs
UKAJI Administrator

Email: sbarrs@essex.ac.uk


One thought on “1 UKAJI: linking communities

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I am happy to get involved in discussions and share ideas. Congratulations to you and Maurice with this initiative!
    All best

    Posted by Robert Thomas (@RobertThomas223) | July 30, 2014, 2:16 pm

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