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UKAJI September 2019 round-up

UKAJI September 2019 round-up:   Here is UKAJI’s round-up of important administrative justice events and research for September 2019. If you have anything to include in this month’s round-up, or any future round-ups, please contact Lee Marsons on lm17598@essex.ac.uk.   UKAJI blog posts: Chris Gill (University of Glasgow) posted a blog entitled ‘Accountability and improvement … Continue reading

New publication – Reimagining Administrative Justice: Human Rights in Small Places (Doyle & O’Brien, 2019)

‘Grenfell, Windrush, Hillsborough – these and other tragedies bring into sharp focus the necessary partnership of social rights and the actions of the state.’      Reimagining Administrative Justice: Human rights in small places reconnects everyday justice with social rights. It rediscovers human rights in the ‘small places’ of housing, education, health and social care, where … Continue reading

Book review: Research Handbook on the Ombudsman (Hertogh & Kirkham, 2018).

Research Handbook on The Ombudsman, Marc Hertogh and Richard Kirkham (eds) (Elgar 2018) ISBN 978 1 78643 124 0 (cased) 978 1 78643 125 7 (eBook), pp 536 plus i-xiii.   By Maurice Sunkin (University of Essex)   This volume is one of a series of research handbooks that seeks to provide state – of … Continue reading

How Immigration Judicial Review Works

How immigration judicial review works    Robert Thomas (R) and Joe Tomlinson (L)      Two years ago on this blog, we drew attention to the immigration judicial review system—by far the most active area of judicial review litigation and the vast majority of all judicial reviews in England and Wales. In that post, we … Continue reading

Quick and uneasy justice: an administrative justice analysis of the EU Settlement Scheme

Quick and uneasy justice: an administrative justice analysis of the EU Settlement Scheme   Joe Tomlinson     In the fraught context of Brexit, the need to register EU citizens already resident in the UK presented a major conundrum of policy, law, and administration. The answer that has been offered by the government is the … Continue reading