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Brexit and Administrative Justice: An Early Analysis (Part II – Emerging Trends)

Brexit and Administrative Justice: An Early Analysis (Part II – Emerging Trends) By Joe Tomlinson   In a previous post in this series, I introduced a framework for understanding trends in law and administration during the Brexit process. That framework had three parts: internal organisation issues; external coordination issues; and substantive legal issues. In this … Continue reading

Being Complained About: Good Practice Principles and Guidelines

By Chris Gill and Carolyn Hirst     Being Complained About: Good Practice Principles and Guidelines New guidance is being published today, which aims to help organisations provide better support to employees who have been subject to a complaint. Research shows that being complained about can significantly affect employees’ health, wellbeing, and work practice: 71% … Continue reading

Public law and administrative decision-making: Two key questions for research

By Joe Tomlinson This post, based on a seminar held at King’s College London and supported by the Public Law Project and the UK Administrative Justice Institute, examines the potential for the further development of research at the intersection of public law and administrative decision-making. Speakers at the event included Dr Bernardo Zacka (MIT), Dr … Continue reading

Book review: Responsive Legality: The New Administrative Justice

By Naomi Creutzfeldt In this blog post, Naomi Creutzfeldt reviews a new book by Zach Richards, Responsive Legality: The New Administrative Justice (Routledge 2019). In his recent book, Zach Richards presents a theory of administrative justice for the 21st century: responsive legality. He argues that ‘responsive legality is the new justifying logic of twenty-first-century administrative … Continue reading

UKAJI administrative justice research database

By Lee Marsons Today, I am delighted to publish on behalf of UKAJI the first step in establishing a public database of research related to administrative justice in the United Kingdom. Currently, the database contains around two hundred documents, ranging from books and journal articles, to governmental and third sector reports and House of Commons … Continue reading