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Achieving meaningful change through legal research – book now for one day conference

The last several years have been busy times for public lawyers. This will continue whoever becomes Prime Minister following Boris Johnson’s resignation. It is, therefore, critical that researchers have a strong understanding of how they can best  engage with and influence politicians and policymakers, and that practitioners appreciate how litigation can best achieve practical change … Continue reading

SEND reforms: Mandatory mediation in administrative justice

SEND reforms: Mandatory mediation in administrative justice The newly published and long-awaited SEND Green Paper proposes ‘strengthening redress’, including making mediation mandatory in appeals of local authority decisions on special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This post explores why this proposal should be a concern to all those involved in administrative justice. Background Special educational … Continue reading

New report: Poverty and social rights in Essex

New report: Poverty and social rights in Essex By Lyle Barker and Koldo Casla (University of Essex, Human Rights Centre) This blog is a re-post of a piece that initially appeared on the Essex Human Rights Centre blog, available here. The blog is reposted with permission and thanks. Our new report published today, documents the … Continue reading

Experiments in Automating Immigration Systems

Experiments in Automating Immigration Systems By Tatiana Kazim, Public Law Project and Equal Education Law Centre (South Africa) Governments around the world are embracing automated decision making (ADM). The potential benefits are well-rehearsed: faster, cheaper, more accurate, more consistent decision-making. Equally, the dangers posed by government ADM systems have been exposed by several high-profile scandals … Continue reading

UKAJI April 2022 round-up

UKAJI April 2022 round-up Here is UKAJI’s round-up of important administrative justice and administrative law related news for April 2022. If you have anything to add to this round-up or any future round-ups, please contact Lee Marsons. UKAJI makes use of Public Law Project’s UK Constitutional Reform Tracker to put together its round-ups and is … Continue reading