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Analysis: Scottish Tribunals: Smith Commission Proposes Major Transfer of Jurisdiction to Scotland

Chris Gill, Queen Margaret University, and Tom Mullen, University of Glasgow While tribunal reform was hardly the hot topic of last year’s referendum on Scottish independence, the ‘vow’ by the three main UK political parties to deliver further devolution to Scotland and the Smith Commission’s subsequent proposals, are now set to have significant consequences for … Continue reading

Using research for strategic litigation: a case example

How helpful is research to practitioners in strategic cases involving challenges to the state, and what do practitioners need? Rachel Knowles is senior education and community care solicitor at Just for Kids Law and a teaching fellow at University College London’s Centre for Access to Justice. She recently succeeded in challenging the Department for Education’s … Continue reading

COMMENT: Human rights: the ombudsman’s natural habitat

Nick O’Brien, Honorary Research Fellow, Liverpool University Law School, on the essential connection between human rights and ombudsmen [Note: This article is based on a presentation to the Ombudsman Association’s Equalities, Diversity and Human Rights Interest Group, 1 December 2014, House of Lords] I want to consider three important misconceptions about human rights and suggest … Continue reading