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UKAJI February 2020 round up

This is UKAJI’s round-up of administrative justice news, events, publications, and cases for February 2020. If you have any details to add to this round-up or any future round-ups, please contact Lee Marsons on lm17598@essex.ac.uk.   UKAJI blogs: UKAJI posted its administrative justice round-up for January 2020. Gemma Manning (University of Huddersfield) and Jonathan Collinson … Continue reading

UKAJI January 2020 round-up

UKAJI January 2020 round-up Here is UKAJI’s round-up of important administrative justice news and events for January 2020. If you have anything to include in this or future round-ups, please contact Lee Marsons on lm17598@essex.ac.uk. A kind reminder that UKAJI’s new editorial guidelines on blog contribution style can be found here.   UKAJI blog posts: … Continue reading

UKAJI Christmas and New Year Break

UKAJI Christmas and New Year Break   At UKAJI, we will be taking a short break for Christmas and new year, and will return with new content in January 2020. We would like to take the opportunity to warmly thank those who have contributed to UKAJI over the last year, particularly our writers and readers. … Continue reading

New UKAJI blog guidelines

UKAJI blog guidelines   Objective of UKAJI’s blog UKAJI’s focus is administrative justice. On our website, we define administrative justice in the following way: “Administrative justice concerns how we interact as individuals when the government, or those working on its behalf, act in ways that appear wrong, unfair or unjust. It encompasses matters of everyday … Continue reading

UKAJI November 2019 round-up

Here is UKAJI’s summary of important administrative justice events, news, and research for November 2019. If you have any information to add to this or future round-ups, please contact Lee Marsons at lm17598@essex.ac.uk.   UKAJI blog posts: The Administrative Justice Council (‘AJC’) posted a blog piece introducing and summarising its first annual report; UKAJI posted … Continue reading