Profiles of Current Research Projects

If you’d like to know more about the research projects listed in our Current Research Register, have a look at the more in-depth profiles many of the researchers have submitted to UKAJI.

We encourage any of you who are involved in current research on administrative justice, or know someone who is, to get in touch so we can include your project in the next version. If you would like your research included, please complete Current research profile template and email it, along with a photo of yourself, to mdoyle@essex.ac.uk. Or simply get in touch and let us know what you’re working on!

LATEST! November 2017 profiles:

A place at the table: Children’s and young people’s participation in resolving disputes about special educational needs, Margaret Doyle with Maurice Sunkin

Through the Eyes of Bureaucrats: Legal Consciousness and Administrative Justice, Marc Hertogh and Zach Richards

Extending access to ‘Exceptional Case Funding’ (ECF) applications for legal aid in the context of clinical legal education, Emma Marshall

The Impact of Litigants in Person on the Northern Ireland Court System, Grainne McKeever et al

Judicial Review in Immigration, Robert Thomas and Joe Tomlinson

June 2017 profiles:

Access to welfare benefits for EU/EEA Roma migrants in the UK after the 2014 benefit reforms, Egle Dagilyte and Margaret Greenfields

Examining the dissatisfaction responses of HE students in England following first-tier and second-tier complaint outcomes, Ossian Leo Elkington

Roma Families and Social Work/Youth Offending Engagement, Margaret Greenfields

The Social Welfare Inquest: Death, Accountability and Administrative Justice, Ed Kirton-Darling

Litigants in Person in Birmingham Civil Justice Centre: Access to Legal Information and Advice, Robert Lee and Tatiana Tkacukova

Scotland’s Model Complaint Handling Procedures: Exploring Recent Developments and the Usefulness of Complaints Data for Administrative Justice Research, Tom Mullen, Chris Gill, Nial Vivian

Law in Children’s Lives, Dawn Watkins

October 2016 profiles:

May 2016 profiles:


October 2015 profiles:




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