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Lessons Learnt – Administrative justice data scoping report

This post describes the lessons learnt during the production of a preliminary scoping report on administrative justice data on social security. The project was part of the wider scoping and capacity-building work of the UK Administrative Justice Institute (UKAJI). The report has been made available to the community as an open-source public book via GitBook,[7] … Continue reading

Data management and use: Governance for the 21st Century

By Genevra Richardson We have reached a critical moment in the development of data science and data-enabled technologies. The growth in scale of data collection, and growth in power of analytics, means that new and previously unforeseen uses of data become possible and even routine. Over the past year the British Academy and the Royal … Continue reading

Data sources for administrative justice research – a toolkit for researchers

In this post, Dr Kakia Chatsiou describes her UKAJI project identifying sources of data held by central government departments. By Kakia Chatsiou One of the main priorities of UKAJI’s work has been to identify and develop strategies to tackle capacity constraints within administrative justice research in the UK. Integral to this is improving the knowledge … Continue reading

Research job: Scoping and Mapping Data relating to Administrative Justice

The United Kingdom Administrative Justice Institute (UKAJI) is seeking a researcher to undertake a scoping study of data relating to administrative justice held by central government. UKAJI is funded by the Nuffield Foundation to kickstart high-quality, empirically based research on administrative justice in the UK. More information on its activities can be found on its … Continue reading