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A Case for Change

By Nick Bennett The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, Nick Bennett, explores the need for changes to his office proposed in draft legislation. It’s an interesting time to be involved in administrative justice in Wales, with a new Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Bill having been recently introduced by the Finance Committee of the Welsh Assembly … Continue reading

Administrative justice in Wales – legacy report and the way forward

By Ray Burningham In August this year the Welsh Government published the legacy report of the Committee for Administrative Justice and Tribunals Wales (CAJTW), whose life came to an end in March 2016 after two years of work. The report was informed by the Committee’s own work and by a research project commissioned by the … Continue reading

What’s new in administrative justice, June 2015

Parliament Queen’s Speech 2015 The Queen’s Speech contained a number of announcements with implications for administrative justice. The Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill will freeze a number of working-age benefits, tax credits and Child benefit, and reduce the level of the benefit cap. It will also put in place a new Youth Allowance for … Continue reading

Welsh Assembly recommends own-initiative powers for the ombudsman

The Welsh Assembly today published a report on enhancing the powers of the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (PSOW). The report, the result of an inquiry into the ombudsman conducted by the Assembly’s Finance Committee, includes a recommendation that the ombudsman should have the power to initiate an investigation without first having received a complaint … Continue reading

What’s new in administrative justice, April 2015

Parliament The Public Accounts Select Committee has published a report on Inspection in Home Affairs and Justice. The Report warns that current arrangements for appointing Chief Inspectors and for setting their budgets potentially pose a significant threat to their independence. Another PASC Report, Investigating clinical incidents in the NHS, has recommended urgent and fundamental reform … Continue reading