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30 Years of Judicial Review

By Tom Mullen, Professor of Law
School of Law, University of Glasgow

A conference to mark thirty years of the specialised judicial review procedure –  held jointly by Strathclyde and Glasgow University Law Schools – took place on 26th January 2015. The papers from the conference have been revised and were published at the end of 2015 in the Juridical Review (part 4 of 2015, published by W Green). 

The articles in the issue provide a timely analysis of this key constitutional guarantee, whose importance is likely to increase over the years ahead, which is both academically rigorous and rooted in practice. They include articles by:

(1) Lord Reed on “Development of Judicial Review in Scotland”

(2) Alan Page on “The Judicial Review Caseload”

(3) Chris Himsworth on “Jurisdictional Aspects of Judicial Review in Scots Law”

(4) Tom Mullen on “Public Interest Litigation in Scotland”

(5) Tony Kelly on “The Potential Impact of the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014”

(6) Denis Edwards on “The Influence of European Union Law and

(7) Brian Thompson on “The Place of Judicial Review in the Administrative Justice System”

The papers were edited by Aileen McHarg, Christopher McCorkindale and Tom Mullen, who have also contributed an introduction, “Judicial Review at Thirty”.


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