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Current research register – May 2016 update!


In October 2015 UKAJI published the first version of our current research register, as part of our work to develop a network of researchers working in administrative justice. Today we launch an updated version of the UKAJI Current Research Register, alongside a number of new profiles of projects listed in the register. 

An organic resource

The register is an organic resource, and we are well aware that work is going on that we haven’t included. We plan to update the register twice a year, and we intend to add to it and build it up as a resource. The research projects are all works in progress – as is the register.

Ways you can help

We are seeking help from researchers and others with an interest in administrative justice. You can help by:

  • Telling us about your research

We encourage any of you who are involved in current research to get in touch so we can include your project in the next version. If you would like your research included, please complete Current research profile template and email it, along with a photo of yourself, to mdoyle@essex.ac.uk. Or simply get in touch and let us know what you’re working on!

  • Giving us feedback

Also, this initiative is a conversation, not an end product. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as to how to improve the format and presentation of the register and profiles to help make them useful to other researchers, to funders, and to practitioners and policy makers. Please use the comment section on this blog post, or send any comments to mdoyle@essex.ac.uk.

The register

The register lists current research in administrative justice by topic area using keywords. Where possible, we have included a brief explanation of what the research is about and a link to further information. You can access it here:

UKAJI Current Research Register

The profiles

Within the listings are several projects identified as having a UKAJI profile, with more information about the research provided by the researcher. For those, you can click on the link ‘UKAJI profile’ within the ‘Investigator’ box to see the full profile.

The ‘live’ projects that we profile cover a range of themes and areas and illustrate the diversity of this field, including:

Profiles of current research published with the first version of our Current Research Register are below:


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