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Lecturer in Dispute Resolution


Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, is seeking a Lecturer in Dispute Resolution to help its Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre deliver an ambitious programme of professional practice courses for ombudsman and complaint-handling organisations in both public and private sectors.

QMU is looking for an academic or practitioner with experience of dispute resolution and/or mediation and/or ombudsman practice and/or complaint handling in the public or private sector. The postholder will contribute to a range of work-based learning programmes and will have the ability to enliven and engage students studying dispute resolution, conflict management, ombudsman practice and complaint handling.

The closing date is 6 June 2016.

The Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre carries out research in a range of areas on important themes, which seek to bridge theoretical perspectives and the concerns of dispute resolution practitioners. Current areas of interest within the Centre’s research team include: understanding consumer perspectives in relation to dispute resolution, the design of effective dispute mechanisms, using complaints as a source of learning and innovation, and the impact of current dispute resolution policy for dispute resolvers.




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