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Administrative Justice Council (AJC) Academic Panel Workshop: Mapping Administrative Justice

AJC Academic Panel Workshop: Mapping administrative justice

By Heidi Bancroft



The Academic Panel to the AJC is holding a workshop on mapping the administrative justice landscape in Wales and Scotland on Wednesday 19th June at 11:30-14:15  at Freshfields in Manchester (https://www.freshfields.com/en-gb/contacts/contact-us/europe/manchester-office/).  We will have presentations from Dr Sarah Nason (Bangor), Pete Butcher (Bangor University School of Computer Sciences), Ann Sherlock (Bangor) and Dr Huw Pritchard (Cardiff University) with a response from Jackie Gulland  (University of Edinburgh), followed by questions and discussion. Lunch will be provided.


Sarah and Pete will talk about the early findings from the project: ‘Paths to administrative justice in Wales’ [https://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/paths-administrative-justice-wales] and there will be an overview of the Scottish administrative justice landscape.


There will be time to exchange ideas and think about collaborations. We invite all that are interested in administrative justice – especially students and early career researchers –  to come to Manchester and participate in the discussion.


If you would like to attend, please contact Heidi Bancroft, Secretary to the Administrative Justice Council at HBancroft@justice.org.uk.

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