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UKAJI September 2019 round-up

UKAJI September 2019 round-up:


Here is UKAJI’s round-up of important administrative justice events and research for September 2019. If you have anything to include in this month’s round-up, or any future round-ups, please contact Lee Marsons on lm17598@essex.ac.uk.


UKAJI blog posts:


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Ombuds affairs:


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Upcoming UKAJI posts:

  • Natalie Byrom (Director of Research, Legal Education Foundation) will post a piece about her research into the Government’s court and tribunal reform programme;
  • Katie Boyle (University of Stirling) will post a piece about her Nuffield-funded study into the protection of social rights in each of the UK jurisdictions;
  • Charlotte O’Brien (University of York) will post a piece about her work into the discriminatory impact of the ‘two child rule’ for Child Benefit claimants;
  • Sarah Nason (University of Bangor) will post a piece concerning the system of administrative justice for education in Wales;
  • Lee Marsons (University of Essex) will post a piece concerning the need for caseworkers at the PHSO to be trained in emotional intelligence competencies;
  • Anne-Marie Irwin (Irwin Mitchell solicitors) will post a piece concerning the ongoing judicial review into the Government’s funding of SEND education. Judgment is expected in October 2019.



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