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PHSO starts to regularly publish its casework

PHSO starts to regularly publish its casework

Below is a short comment from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman team in relation to the PHSO’s decision to regularly publish its casework decisions online. The new website can be found here: https://decisions.ombudsman.org.uk/

On Thursday 29 April 2021 we started the routine publication of our primary and detailed investigations on our website. We published around 15 of our decisions and will continue to publish cases on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month – the next publication date is Wednesday 12 May. The amount of cases we publish will gradually increase over the next few months.

In our 2018-21 corporate strategy we committed to publishing more of our casework online to help drive improvements in public services. You will be able to easily access the detailed findings from our investigations at a click of a button.

We will always remove any personal information that identifies individuals. The organisation will be identified to enable them to make improvements and so that other organisations can learn from the complaints we resolve.

We have used feedback from stakeholders throughout the past two years to inform the development of this platform. We are eager to hear from you and ensure that we are meeting your needs. Let us know how we can further improve the website by contacting digital@ombudsman.org.uk


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