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Covid-19 and the UK Administrative State

Covid-19 and the UK Administrative State   By Lee Marsons (University of Essex) This blog was originally posted via the Admin Law Blog on 31 March 2020. The original can be found here. My thanks to Farrah Ahmed for the permission to cross-post. My thanks to Theodore Konstadinides and Maurice Sunkin for their comments on … Continue reading

A nation comes of age: what next for the Welsh devolution settlement?

A nation comes of age: what next for the Welsh devolution settlement? By Callum Robertson (University of Essex) Of the three legislative devolution settlements that currently exist within the United Kingdom, the one concerning Wales is arguably the most interesting in terms of sociological and legal study. Here we have a nation that was practically … Continue reading

Ten Years of the Administrative Court in Wales: Success or Failure?

“Ten Years of the Administrative Court in Wales: Success or Failure?”   By Sarah Nason (Bangor Law School) and David Gardner (No 5 Chambers)   At the 2019 Legal Wales Conference, David Gardner and Sarah Nason concluded that the Administrative Court in Wales has been a constitutional success and a jurisdictional improvement. On the other … Continue reading

Administrative Justice Council (AJC) Academic Panel Workshop: Mapping Administrative Justice

AJC Academic Panel Workshop: Mapping administrative justice By Heidi Bancroft   The Academic Panel to the AJC is holding a workshop on mapping the administrative justice landscape in Wales and Scotland on Wednesday 19th June at 11:30-14:15  at Freshfields in Manchester (https://www.freshfields.com/en-gb/contacts/contact-us/europe/manchester-office/).  We will have presentations from Dr Sarah Nason (Bangor), Pete Butcher (Bangor University … Continue reading

Defining vulnerability in the enforcement of public debts

  Defining vulnerability in the enforcement of public debts Jennie Bunt This is a revised version of an original blog-post on the website of The Justice Gap   Testing the boundaries of definitions When the accessibility of justice is threatened, considerable strain is placed on legal definitions. Such definitions carve out the boundaries of, for … Continue reading