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UKAJI’s Early Career Researchers Network


Chris Gill, Queen Margaret University

Chris Gill, Queen Margaret University

Joe Tomlinson, University of Sheffield

Joe Tomlinson, University of Sheffield











UKAJI are seeking to establish a network for early career researchers (ECRs) working in administrative justice, led by Joe Tomlinson (University of Sheffield) and Christian Gill (Queen Margaret University).

The purpose of the network is, in the first instance, to generate a mailing list through which updates can be circulated among ECRs. Beyond that, and dependent upon interest, the intention is to arrange events for ECRs, with the hope of sharing ideas and building a platform for collaborations in the future.

We welcome interest from PhD researchers, post-doctoral researchers, and those in academic posts at the beginning of their research careers.  We also welcome interest from people who work in a variety of schools (e.g. law, management, political, social science etc.) and those in other organisations (e.g., non-governmental organisations, the advice sector, legal services) who are at the start of their research careers.

If you want to be added to the initial mailing list then please email Joe Tomlinson (j.p.tomlinson@sheffield.ac.uk) setting out your name, present position, and (in brief) your research interests/expertise. If you have any questions about the network, please direct them to Joe also.





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